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Back in 2003, when I was a 19-year-old kid with a few extra bucks, I bought an inflatable waterslide for myself. Seemed like a good idea at the time. But, unlike other stories of rash decisions made by kids, this one turned out well. I was totally right - it was a blast! I loved being the guy who had his own inflatable waterslide, loved making parties and get-togethers more exciting. More memorable. Wasn’t long before friends and friends-of-friends were asking if they could rent the slide for events. Thus Poupard Moonwalks was born. 


After a year of renting out my slide out on weekends while also starting my career as a paramedic and fireman for Frenchtown Township, I made this an official business: I bought a bounce house and I listed my business in a good, ol’ fashioned phone book. As the years went by, I expanded my stock to meet the needs of customers trying to make their parties as fun as possible.

  • “Have anything for the folks not interested in getting in the bounce house?” - Slushy Machine

  • “What do you have that will make my party extra memorable?” Boom, Mechanical Bull

  • “Got anything that will entertain a party’s-worth of 11-year-old boys?” How about a 40’ Obstacle Course



Soon, what started as a water slide and a bounce house became an inventory of over 20 options enjoyed by folks all over southeast Michigan and northern Ohio. Nearly twenty years later, and we are still growing, an expansion driven by customer interest and guided by the superior aesthetic taste of my beautiful wife Jennifer. 


In line with this customer-driven expansion philosophy, we just purchased several luxury restroom trailers. I kept hearing customers complain about lacking something less inviting than a porta-potty for events like wedding receptions, graduation parties, and golf tournaments. We are stoked to help our customers up the ‘wow’ factor for their events by providing this option. Maybe it’s just me getting older, but now - at almost 40-years-old - I find myself attracted to the idea of a clean, relaxing bathroom unit almost more than an inflatable water slide. Almost...


20 years after my first purchase, I love this business no less than when I started. My personal disposition towards hosting and entertaining extends to helping others do the same. I love seeing people together and having fun, taking a break. I love seeing the look of satisfaction and joy on the faces of hosts relaxing and watching their guests enjoy a party they spent days planning. I love seeing the look of elation on kids' faces as they go through an obstacle course or down a water slide the 17th time. I love employing local high schoolers and college kids over the summer, providing for them a stable work experience where they gain valuable communication skills and business experience (and strong arms, I guess). I know it’s just an inflatables rental business, but damn if I don’t love every part of it. 


- Carson Poupard

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