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  • How long do we get the inflatables?
    As our goal at Poupard Moonwalks is to help you enjoy your event to the fullest, set-up and removal times are entirely adjustable based on your needs. Normally we will ask for a two-hour window during which we can set up in the morning and for an ‘end’ time for your party, after which we will come get the rental. For example, we might set up between 9-11 AM and pick up the rental after 7:30 PM. If your party is continuing past the rental window, we will establish a time to quietly pack and remove your rental with minimal disturbance to your ongoing festivities. That said, our new luxury restroom trailers work on a slightly different schedule. Those will be set up the day prior to your event and picked up the day after.
  • Am I renting at an hourly rate?
    In the vast majority of cases, no. We ask for a flat fee for all but one of our rentals. The exception to this rule is the mechanical bull, which is rented by the hour.
  • How can I know the moonwalks are clean?
    This one is simple: we disinfect all of our rentals in front of you as a part of our set up process. Of course, we also wipe them down at the end of every event, but my wife Jenn - who is a mom of two boys - has always been vigilant about making sure the parents who use our products never have to worry about any ickiness. The luxury restroom rentals come disinfected and fully stocked with toilet paper, disposable hand towels, hands free soap dispenser, and full water tank (if needed).
  • What type of power source do I need?
    Most of our inflatables only need a single blower that uses about 9 amps on a regular 110 outlet. If you rent a moonwalk with two blowers, we will need a dedicated 20 amp outlet or run our 100 ft extensions cords that we provide to two different circuits. Our Restroom trailer rentals require a dedicated 20 amp 110 outlet to make use of all the included features: air conditioning, heat, running water, flushable toilets, BT radio, LED interior and exterior lighting. If you don’t know what any of this means, that’s okay - these are the details I will happily work out with you over the phone, but fear not: in my nearly 20 years of doing this, very few venues could not accommodate our units. And for the rare instances when powering the units becomes an issue, we can provide generators for the bounce houses, water slides, and restroom trailers.
  • How much will running electricity to a rented unit cost?
    As for cost, running an inflatable for the day will NOT set you back a fortune in electricity bills. In fact, it will barely set you back a Starbucks coffee. Running a single-blower unit for 10-hrs straight will cost around $10.00. If you want to save some of that cash, you can always turn the blower off when the rental isn’t in use and turn it back on again with a simple switch. Once set up, our inflatable units can be inflated and ready to go in about a minute.
  • What are the space requirements? (Is grass required? Does the space need to be level? etc.)
    While we prefer to set up in a flat, grassy area, this is by no means required. We like to set up in grass so that we can stake the moonwalks down to maximize safety; however, when grass is not available we can make special accommodations to set up on almost any surface (seriously - we’ve set up inside churches, in basements, in barns, fields, etc.). Same goes for any gradient - flatter is better, but not required….to an extent. As long as we can stake down safely, you’ll be good to go. If you have specific questions about your space, we can discuss those over the phone. As for our luxury restroom trailers, we can set those up anywhere we can drive our truck to. We use leveling jacks for these units that allow us to provide a sturdy, comfortable experience pretty much anywhere. Even on the side of a hill.
  • What happens if there is bad weather?
    Fair question. Planning an outdoor party is stressful. Let us ease your worry. In the case of light rain or even some storms, the inflatables are pretty hearty. They’ll survive - heck, the water slides are meant to get wet. That said, if you decide the morning of your event that you would like to cancel your moonwalk in anticipation of unagreeable weather, then you can cancel FREE OF CHARGE. This is one of the benefits of running a business defined by communication and customer service. On the day of your event, we will communicate with you in the morning; together we can assess the weather situations and we can make suggestions, then YOU get to make the decision to keep your rental or cancel.
  • How do I book a rental?
    Give us a call, and your rental can be booked in just a few minutes. We are handshake people here at Poupard Moonwalks, so your word means a lot to us. Over the phone, we will take down your name, address, two phone numbers, and set-up times.
  • When & how do I pay for my rental?
    As said above, we value the word of our customers, so once you give us a call and book your inflatable(s) rental, you don’t owe us anything until your moonwalk is set up and you are happy with everything. That means no deposits. We accept payment in checks. That said, because our luxury restroom trailers book quickly and require more work to manage, we do require a nonrefundable deposit to secure a reservation.
  • What do I need to do the morning of my event?
    When you’re renting from Poupard’s Moonwalks, the only thing we ask that you do in advance is decide where you want the unit(s) to go. And even that’s more a suggestion than a requirement. Otherwise, we take care of everything related to set up (including extension cords and accessories), so you can relax or focus on other tasks related to your event.

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