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Poupard Moonwalks would like you to relax and enjoy your special event.  As such, we offer flexible delivery and pick-up times to work around your schedule. We deliver, set up, stake down, and disinfect every unit upon arrival - you just have to tell us where to put the moonwalk. Call now to make a reservation, and don't forget to ask about special accommodations/weekday rates and multiple-unit discounts.

5 in 1 Sports Arena


Jump, Joust, Boxing, Basketball, & Volleyball! Huge 18'by18' inflatable. This unit will be the life of the party!


Wet/Dry Combo


This paradise wet/dry combo unit with two basketball hoops can be rented dry or wet. 20' by 20'


Double Lane Slip-n-Slide


Race your friends on our double lane slip-n-slide that has a pool at the end. 13' by 38'


24' Obstacle Course


Race through this 24' obstacle course or add the double 12' slide to the end for even more of a challenge. Perfect for Large groups. 13' by 24'


YMCA Obstacle Course


A short but action-packed course perfect for youngsters' parties or as a quick supplement to larger courses.


Obstacle Combo


Obstacle Combo unit with jump area and double slide! 13' by 20'


Tot Lot


This big 16'x20' tot lot is a blast for the younger ones. Adults are welcome on all of our units.


Cotton Candy Machine

Call for Pricing

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hotdogs, Pucker Powder, and more Call Tom at 734-915-2307


Interactive Photo Mirror

Call for pricing

The fully interactive 65" touchscreen comes stocked with varied animations & allows guests to sign, send, and save digital copies of the pictures they take.


Castle Combo


Great fun for all to jump and slide. Best babysitter ever! 13' by 20'


Purple Combo


Big bounce space + big slide = fun. This castle-themed combo also comes with punching bags.


Ocean Water Slide


Huge and fast 18' Ocean slide has a big pool at the bottom. It's sure to cool off even the hottest summer days. 15'x30'


Double 12' Slide Wet/Dry


Race down this double slide dry or add water effects for an extra fee. Can be added to 24' obstacle course. 13' by 24'


YMCA Slide


Who doesn't love slides. Super simple: climb net-ladder, slide, repeat. Perfect for all kinds of events.


Princess Moonwalk


This 15'x15' Princess moonwalk can be used as a princess themed unit or the poster can be removed to make it look great for both boys and girls.


Double 12' Slide Dry/Wet


Race down this double slide dry or add water effects for an extra fee. Can be added to 24' obstacle course. 13' by 24'



Set of 6 for $150

Instantly elevate your next event with our UPLIGHT options




Jump and play twister. 15' by 15'


40' Obstacle Course


Huge 40' long obstacle course great for ages 3+. Adults love it too. Requires 50'x15' of space for unit.


Candy Crane Machine


The Candy Crane comes with candy and tiny toys - press the 'free play' button for hours of fun at your next event.


Pirate Ship Slide


Fun looking pirate ship with slide inside and small jump area. 13' by 22'


Single Slip-n-Slide


Slip-n-Slide!!!!!! Classic - no explanation necessary


Carnival Combo


Big combo, big fun! Includes big jump area, punching bags, basketball hoop, and double slide! It is 15'x28'x16' tall. Can be rented dry or, for an extra fee, with water effects.


Color Combo


Great value and super unit! jump, slide, and dunk on the basketball hoop. 13' by 20'


Slushy & Margarita

Call for pricing

Slushy Machines, Margarita Machines. Call Tom at 734-915-2307


Dunk Tank


500 gallons here to dunk whoever is willing to bet on someone's great aim. Great for fundraisers and charity events.


Sports Moonwalk


Jump and dunk into action with our 15x15 sports moonwalk. Has an inside BASKETBALL HOOP.


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